Alien Hydroponics XL 48 POT RDWC

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Recirculating DWC Systems
Super oxygenated nutrient solution
Uniform PH & EC
No medium required
32mm pipe and fittings
No electronics, plug in and grow
Custom systems available in any size
Collapsable water tank included
Can be used with water chillers

Kit Includes:
48 x 30ltr Pots
500ltr Tank
2 x ET120 Air Pump
48 x Lids
48 x Net Pots
Pipe Cutters
196 x Grommets
188 x 32mm Straights
12 x 32mm Elbows

2 x 32-20mm Tee
4 x 32mm Tee
24 x Double Air-Line Connectors
1 x Single, 2 x 13mm Blank
49 x Air Stones
20 Meters x 13mm Pipe
50 Meters x 4mm Pipe
30 Meters x 32mm Pipe
20 Meters x 19mm Pipe
End of row L connectors x 4
Header Pot

Ideal Grow Room Size: 7 x 2.4m
System Volume: 1130ltr
Tank Volume: 500ltr
Power Usage: 300w
Air Pump Size: 2 x 120lpm
Water Pump Size: 3000lph

Deep Water Culture
Deep Water Culture is a method used to grow plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

How it works
The Alien™ Recirculating Deep Water Culture systems are an innovative, heavy duty design for those wanting to grow fewer but larger plants.
By using the Alien™ RDWC hydroponic system you can optimise maximum growth potential due to the super oxygenated nutrient solution being constantly recirculated around the system by an inline pump. The inline pump creates a current which draws the solution through the pots both mixing and cooling the nutrients. This current also delivers the vital nutrients to the roots, optimising root health and increasing nutrient uptake efficiency.
Importantly, PH and EC levels are continuously maintained due to the high volume of water contained in the system.

The RDWC hydroponic systems come in two sizes, either 20 litre pots or XL 30 litre pots.
The 20 litre pots are linked together with one row of 32mm pipe and fittings. The XL 30 litre pots are linked together with two rows. This allows for a free flowing system which recirculates the nutrient solution several times an hour. The larger diameter pipe has been fitted to combat the problem of root blockage.
Air lines are connected to each pot to aerate the solution.
There are no timers to set up, just plug in and grow.

Air kits
The Air Kits for our XL 30 litre system contain the Enviro ET series air pumps, a high quality, super silent pump. Also supplied are 100mm air stones and air lines which have been manufactured for Alien, made from green, flexible PVC, a superior material compared with the cheap silicone comparisons that often kink.
The 20 litre Air kits use Hailea V series pump which also run silently.

Ripstop Tank
The Alien™ Ripstop Tanks are a collapsible water tank which enables the whole system to fit through tight spaces. The tank comes flat packed enabling the entire system to fit neatly into a cardboard box which allows for easier transportation. The material is non toxic and 100% lightproof and as the name suggests, it doesn’t rip.
The Alien™ Ripstop Tank is connected to the header pot. The header pot contains an adjustable float valve which maintains the level of the nutrient solution through out the system. The nutrient solution level can be raised or lowered to suit your plants requirements.

Set up
To keep system set up time to a minimum the pots have pre-punched holes. With each system a pair of quality pipe cutters are provided. No other tools are required. We use our own specially designed grommets to ensure secure, water tight connections. The entire system is simply push-fit.

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